Jinjin Sun

I'm a UX Designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn.
Currently a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe.

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Shop at my Etsy store to buy items featuring Ladies Kicking (literal) Butt, flowers, and other artwork. A portion of profits go to charities like Planned Parenthood.

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I love to draw women, use lots of color, and whenever possible make a good joke. I work digitally, mainly on my iPad and finishing on the computer as needed.


I'm slowly working my way through a personal project to do 100 master studies, faceswapping myself into each one as I go. This started as a 100 Day Project back in 2018 and quickly turned into a longer-term project that helps me express myself, explore my identity in relation to Western art history, and skill up in drawing.

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Additional work

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UX Design

Currently I'm a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe, where I work on mobile products like Adobe Fresco and the upcoming Photoshop for iPad.

Previously, I've freelanced and worked at Huge, where I did UX design for clients like Brown University, Loblaws, and Chase.

I love to distill complex systems into beautifully simple experiences and make things clear, easy, and fun.

Other Stuff

I'm also a serial hobbyist who can't seem to stop picking up new obsessions. Here's what I'm currently doing with my free time.

And I will try any craft known to humankind.

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